MA and PhD Electives

EDEB 502 Text and Image

EDEB 503 Ottoman Divan Literature

EDEB 504 Turkish Folk Literature

EDEB 505 Turkish Literature 1839-1922 I

EDEB 507 Turkish Poetry

EDEB 508 Text and the City: Urban Space and Architecture in Turkish Literature

EDEB 510 Turkish Literature 1839-1922 II

EDEB 511 Ottoman Turkish III

EDEB 512 Ottoman Turkish IV

EDEB 518 Poetry and Translation

EDEB 524 The Turkish Novel

EDEB 530 Literary Translation

EDEB 606 Sufi Seminar

EDEB 607 Modernism in Turkish Literature

EDEB 608 Critical Approaches to Turkish Literature

EDEB 611 Literature and Society I

EDEB 615 Love in Turkish Literature

EDEB 619 World Fiction

EDEB 622 Seminar on Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar

HIST 513 Intellectual Movements in the Tanzimat Period I

HIST 567 History and Literature in the Ottoman Empire

HIST 569 Cultural History of the Ottoman Empire I

HIST 570 Cultural History of the Ottoman Empire II

POLS 608 Politics, Culture, Nation and Gender

POLS 612 Seminar in Social and Cultural Studies

POLS 635 Politics of Turkish Modernization

POLS 5437 Politics and Literature

COMD 511 Theory and Method in Media Visual and Cultural Studies

COMD 514 Identity Space and Image

COMD 516 Turkish Cinema and Modernity

COMD 541 Writing for Media

Müfredat 2017-2018