Anti-Drone Market

Anti-Drone Market

Drones are getting more and more used every day with many purposes. From
capturing images from crowded public events to track the performances of
sportspeople, people use drones as effective tools and new fields comes up on a
regular basis. As a consequence, the privacy and security concerns arise as there
is not any solid and proper way to defend any person, place or event from
possible threats that may be caused by drones.

In this section, the current situation of the industry and the marketplace will be
examined, mostly on a local level, to show what Shade Defense can offer to

Anti-drone market is mainly driven by factors such as increased security breach
incidents by unidentified drones and increased terrorism and illicit activities [1].
Currently, the market is worth USD 342.6 Million and is expected to grow as
much as USD 1,571.3 Million by 2023 [1].

These figures include the military and defense verticals, as they are the largest
share of the overall anti-drone market in 2016 [1]. Although Shade Defense will
not take part in military and defense verticals, these two categories are the
backbone of the overall industry, so we should always take them into account.
There are two main segments defined in the industry: Military and commercial.
Military segment is divided into two sub-segments: Mitigation and defense.
Mitigation segment is also divided into two: Destructive and non-destructive.
Destructive systems are further segmented into laser system, missile effector
and electronic countermeasures and accounted for the largest industry share. On
the other hand, Non-destructive systems are sub-optimal solutions and they are
better suited for the urban environment [2].

Defense segment consists of detection & disruption systems.
Detection & disruption sub-segment currently holds the largest revenue share,
which is over 65% [2].

The commercial segment values around USD 55 Million and is expected to grow
significantly in the future. As it is mentioned above, with the increase in usage of commercial drones, there is a rapid increase in the need for anti-drone systems
at critical infrastructure, events, prisons and airport, all of which are the main
drives for the commercial segment [2].

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