Signal Processing

ClearSky uses advanced signal processing algorithms in order to detect hostile drone controller signals. By using a USRP device, ClearSky can detect and analyze hostile drone controller signals and inform the camera unit. Controller signals have significant characteristic and frequency which can be analyzed in order to learn whether there is e-sign-1243111a drone or not.

ClearSky also uses signal processing algorithms to eliminate hostile drones. In order to eliminate hostile drones, ClearSky uses long distance jammer which shut downs communication between drone and controller. When the communication is shut down, hostile drone automatically lands and the threat disappears.

Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning algorithms is used in order to develop accurate drone detection system. Our machine learning algorithm can distinguish drones by using real time video that can be collected from an ordinary camera. Beside this, same algorithm allows us to track hostile drones which is crucial for eliminating hostile drones.

Image Analysis

ClearSky uses machine learning combined image analysis algorithms for distinguishing hostile drones from the environment. When the algorithm detects the drone, it starts to track hostile drone. Image analysis is crucial to distinguish hostile drone from a real time video.