ClearSky User Interface: Users can see the threat and decide what to do.

Drones that we consider as an entertainer toy became a danger for our privacy and lives. As an innovative company, Shade Defense payed attention to this dangerous evolution of drones. As a result of research and development, Shade Defense proudly presents brand new anti-drone product “ClearSky”.

ClearSky is a first generation anti-drone product that both detects and eliminates hostile drones. The product uses signal processing, image analysis and machine learning in order to detect the drone and uses a long distance jammer in order to eliminate it. By using this techniques, ClearSky can detect, track and eliminate hostile drones in order to keep us safe.

alFor keeping users safe from drones, first of all ClearSky need to detect hostile drones when they exist in product’s range. In order to detect hostile drones, the product uses a USRP which detects hostile drones’ controller signals and a camera which detects and tracks hostile drone by using camera image. ClearSky’s signal detection unit operates continuously in order to determine whether there exist a drone or not. When it detects a drone, camera detection unit starts to operate for detecting and tracking hostile drone.

The most important part of the product is eliminating the hostile drone. When detection unit detect and track the hostile drone, long distance jammer turn to hostile drone’s direction and cuts the communication between the controller and hostile drone. Tracking hostile drone is crucial in order to eliminate the hostile drone because turning the long distance jammer to hostile drone’s direction improves the accuracy of elimination. Therefore, by evaluating advanced features of ClearSky it can be said that ClearSky is a superior product with compare to similar products.

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Product Specifications


Image Analysis, Signal Processing, Machine Learning

Signal Detection Range

70 meters

Camera Detection Range

50 meters

Camera Tracking Range

50 meters

Elimination Range

40 meters


300 degrees

Track While Scan


Rotation/Scan Speed

4 seconds for 300 degrees


Detection Unit: 50x33x41

Elimination Unit: 35x25x30


Detection Unit: 10kg

Elimination Unit: 3kg


220 VAC, 50Hz


Ethernet, USB

Operational Humidity


Operational Temperature

-15ºC to +45ºC

Storage/Transport Humidity


Storage/Transport Temperature

-25ºC to +55ºC