5 March, 2017


Our goal in creating this company was based on the necessity and importance of 3 axis CNC machine. CNC machines are widely used machines in industry and hobbyist usage. 3 axis CNC machines are much more effective but they are expensive, large in size and rare. Our aim in creating our company was to design a 3 axis CNC machine integrated with a depth-sensor camera.

Our machine, Westwo, is a desktop sized machine and less expensive compared to available machines in the market. It can be used in industry, education areas and hobbyist usages. With the integrated camera models of objects can be obtained and be processed by the machine to widen the usage of a CNC machine and make it even more efficient.

Our company is a team of students from İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University. Our team consists of three Electrical and Electronics engineers, two Computer Science engineers and an Industrial Engineer.