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Zeynep Boyacıoğlu

11899998_10153538501954876_1236367596096230156_nZeynep Boyacıoğlu graduated from TED Ankara Collage Foundation High School, With IB Diploma (HL A1 Turkish, HL A2 English, HL Biology) in 2012. She has graduated from the Bilkent University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and now a Master’s student. She did a summer internship in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Dr. Mehmet Kesimer’s Lab at the Pulmonary Research Center. Her project was focused on MUC5AC in the summer of 2014. She also did a second internship in Prof. Dr. David Thornton’s Lab in the University of Manchester. She generated a mCherry-MUC5AC cell line from HT29 cells using CRISPR-Cas9. She was an undergraduate student in Dr. Serkan Göktuna’s Lab in Bilkent University in 2015/16 Fall Semester..