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• Our MS student Erta Xhafa has successfully defended her thesis!

June 2020

Our MS student Erta Xhafa has successfully defended her thesis titled ““Deciphering IKBKE involvement in hepatocellular cancer HepG2 cells”. She will continue her PhD studies in Switzerland.



• Dr. Chau and Dr. Göktuna were co-authored in a review article published in Gene!

May 2020

Dr. Chau and Dr. Göktuna were co-authored in a review article written by Esmaeili et al. This review article nicely summarized recent literature about non-coding RNAs in colorectal cancer.

Role of non-coding RNAs as novel biomarkers for detection of colorectal cancer progression through interaction with the cell signaling pathways

• Our MS student Suat Tüçer has successfully defended his thesis!

December 2019

Our MS student Suat Tüçer (co-advised by Dr. Çağlar Çekiç) has successfully defended his thesis titled “The effect of interleukin 7 on CD8+ T cell accumulation and differentiation in the presence of adenosine signaling”  and awarded with MSc degree. He will continue his PhD research in our lab.


• Göktuna et al. published a review article in TUJNS!

February 2019

Members of Göktuna Lab (Dr. Göktuna, Dr. Chau and Erta Xhafa) published a review article about cancer stem cells in Trakya University Journal of Natural Sciences.

Cancer Stem Cell Biology

• Dr.Göktuna’s research article was published in Turkish Journal of Biology!

July 2018

Dr. Göktuna has pushlished in TJB about IKBKE involvement in mTOR/S6K acrivation through regulation of TSC1 stability.

IKBKE inhibits TSC1 to activate the mTOR/S6K pathway for oncogenic transformation.



• Open Positions for PhD students

We are looking for highly qualified and motivated researchers, especially PhD students, as new members for our group.

If you are interested in joining our group as a PhD student, you are invited to apply Dr. Göktuna via serkan.goktuna@bilkent.edu.tr

• Dr. Göktuna has received The Outstanding Young Scientist Award of the year 2016 from Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA).

Dr. Göktuna has received The Outstanding Young Scientist Award (GEBIP) of the year 2016 from Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA).

gebip kazananlar+

The Outstanding Young Scientist Award Programme (GEBIP) 

Launched in 2001, this award programme is one of the first of its kind in the world. The objective of TÜBA-GEBIP is to foster young, outstanding scientists who are at the stage of establishing their own research programmes in Turkey after finishing their post-doctoral research activities. TÜBA supports these scientists for a period of three years and helps them set up their own research groups at a stage when they are in need for incentives. In this way TÜBA tries to contribute to develope a new generation of competent researchers from all disciplines, including social sciences and humanities, basic sciences and health sciences. The Turkish Academy of Sciences considers itself as a school to train young promising academicians.

The GEBIP programme aims to set up a kind of Young Academy of scientists under the age of 40. Aside from a grant provided for a period of three years, a member of the Academy is assigned as the mentor, and an environment of solidarity and interaction is created through joint meetings held with Academy members.

The GEBIP Programme is conducted by the GEBIP Main Committee and the GEBIP Field Committees set up by the Presidency of the Academy. Applications may be in person, by the President of the related university or the highest administrator of the related institution or by a Principal or Honorary member of the Academy.

The selection procedure among GEBIP candidates has very high standards. First, applicants prepare detailed dossiers including their international publications in refereed journals, books edited, ongoing research projects and proposed research programme, plus three letters of reference. Second, juries in four different scientific fields (field committees) evaluate and grade the applicants according to their dossiers and three referee reports. In the final stage, applicants who become GEBIP candidates according to their grade points are invited to an interview.

Source: http://www.tuba.gov.tr/news/tuba-gebip-odulu-kazananlari-aciklandi/id/1583