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Matthew received his PhD in 2019 from the Department of German Studies at Cornell University, where he wrote a dissertation entitled: In Search of Adequate Faith: Religious Skepticism in German Letters (1750-1800).  Matthew’s research focuses on the interplay between aesthetics, theology, and literature in the long eighteenth century (from Leibniz to Hegel). He is currently working on a project that traces the entanglement of Gnostic thought in German Idealism.  He has presented at professional conferences on figures such as Lessing, Novalis, Thomas Müntzer, and Martin Luther.  Between 2017-2019 he worked as the copy editor for Cornell’s Institute for German Cultural Studies and has also been a translator for a recent book publication: The Creativity Complex (De Gruyter, 2018). Matthew’s other scholarly interests include systems theory, art history, philosophy, politics, rhetoric and the history of the Lutheran Reformation.

In terms of his teaching, Matthew has taught German language courses and seminars entitled: “The Age of Goethe;” “Genius and Madness in Literature;” “From Fairy Tales to the Uncanny;” “Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud;” and “God, Evil, and Modern Thought: Exploring the Enlightenment.”  When he is not teaching or researching, Matthew enjoys woodworking, cycling, hiking, and fishing.