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Letter Grade Table

All sections of Cultures, Civilizations, and Ideas use the following grading scale:

A= A=  B+=  B=  B-=  C+=  C =  C- =  D+ =  D =  F =
93-100 90-92 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 73-76 70-72 67-69 66-60  below 60.

The lowest passing grade is a D.


Midterm 25%, Course Project 20%, Final 25%, Regular Quizzes and Short Assignments 20%, Participation 10%

Regular Quizzes and Short Assignments
Every instructor of CCI will give regular short assignments or reading quizzes throughout the semester. Students can expect a quiz one every two weeks. These assignments or short quizzes will be used to ensure students are doing the assigned course readings and are prepared to discuss the course material. The quizzes are also a useful way for students to monitor their progress in the course throughout the semester.

It will be very difficult to do well in this course if you do not participate; that means not only preparing for class and handing in all required assignments on time, but also doing your best to share your knowledge in class, both through writing and speaking. Last but certainly not least, participation also includes regular attendance. Missing classes will adversely affect your grade, and will make it difficult to do well in the other components of the class.

In addition to your short writing assignments, all students will write a substantive examination or thematic paper on texts and subjects covered in class. Topics and/or guidelines will be distributed by your instructor at a suitable time during the semester.

Course Project
One of your major assignments this semester will consist of a course project, the conditions of which will be determined by your course instructor. Your CCI professor will make the details of this project known to you in class at the appropriate time, and certainly with enough fair warning for you to complete it.

Final Examination
There is, again, a final examination in this class: a two-hour, sit-down format, and essay based. The final exam will be comparative and comprehensive, based on all of the texts and lectures from the beginning to the end of the semester.

Attendance policy

According to university policy, missing more that 20% of taught hours of any class constitutes automatic failure.
Please Note: Approved Medical Reports for class absences entitle a student to make up any assessment given during the time the student was absent. However, Medical Reports do not excuse students from attendance requirements.