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Dr. Marjan Mohammadi


Marjan Mohammadi received her PhD in Comparative Literature through a dual doctoral program between Northwestern University and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 in 2020. Her teaching and research focus on transnational and global literature, Middle Eastern literature and culture, critical theory, psychoanalysis, peripheries of empire, and Postcolonial translations.

She is currently working on her book manuscript, Mourning Histories: Postwar Persian and American Narratives of Redemption, which situates itself against the complicated backdrop of US-Iran relations since WWII. Her project investigates the relationship between melancholy and the development of American and Iranian literary discourses as responses to the crisis of post-WWII sovereignty. Her work has received funding from several institutions, including two Buffett Institute fellowships for Global Studies, a Paris Program fellowship in Critical Theory, and a Mellon Foundation fellowship in Interdisciplinary Studies from Northwestern University. Her article “Calvin’s Preterition and Pynchon’s Salvation” appeared in 2017 in the journal of Comparative Critical Studies (Edinburgh UP, Vol. 14, No. 2–3: 269–288). She has an article under review in the journal of The Middle East and is working on a translation of a short story by Houshang Golshiri, one of the most important pioneers of literary modernism in Iran.