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White Space Co. is a dynamic and innovative company, as White space we work day and night for only one purpose, to make your life

Your home, only better!

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SMARTIFY is a smart home system that is designed uniquely for your home.


Smartify Makes All Ridiculous Tasks Intelligent For You!

By attaching a single gadget to your own appliance we are able to convert your regular appliance to a smart, internet based device! With its

Our Team

Meet the team who works hard to bring you the home you deserve!

Mustafa Caner Çalışkaner

Back-End Software Engineer & Graphic Designer

Mustafa Caner Çalışkaner
Orhun Caner Eren

Hardware & Embedded Systems Engineer

Orhun Caner Eren
Begüm Özcan

CEO & Front-End Software Engineer

Begüm Özcan
Yağmur Başak Özonay

CTO & Hardware and Embedded Systems Engineer

Yağmur Başak Özonay
Selin Tonay

CFO & Project Manager

Selin Tonay


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