Never miss a beat agaın

Portable & sımple

Listen & Charge

Charge your smartphone while iTuning.

Wireless Transmission

Connect and listen via latest Bluetooth technology.


Share the joy with two more people.

Durable Materials

Use matching design with your smartphone with maximum resistance to wear and tear.

Thıs ıs Auxiliary

The Perfect, Portable Accessory for Your Smart Devices
How It

Simply connect and play. With the buttons on the device, control your music feast without interacting with your smart device. AUXiliary supports every smart device with capability of Bluetooth connection.

In a nutshell, AUXiliary is a wireless adapter that converts your ordinary wired headphones and speakers into Bluetooth ones so that you can enjoy your music in every condition. While designing AUXiliary, we put a lot of focus into each small, intricate detail, creating technology that’s simple and compact.

Lunaco Technologies

Team Lunaco is made up of six engineering students with numerous bright ideas and a great enthusiasm. Our vision is simple - to bring simplicity back to innovation. So, we invented a sleek and cost effective way to enhance your musical delight with your perfectly good, high-quality wired headphones and speakers.

Why we need your support

Every student project requires the help of inspired individuals who come together and show their support by passing their ideas and getting a share. Your support will boost us towards making AUXiliary a reality one step at a time.

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