3rd International Summer School on Exact and Numerical Models of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures


This summer school aims to give an in depth overview of the physics of low-dimensional systems with particular, but not exclusive, attention to the Bethe ansatz, which is still the only known systematic method to find the ground state properties of non-trivial quantum many-body models.  On the Bethe ansatz side, the models will be introduced, and their symmetries discussed.  Analytic methods to solve elementary models, such as the coordinate Bethe ansatz and the algebraic Bethe ansatz will be presented.  More detailed information about the subject of the school will be published on this site when the program information is available.

The two organizers, Hans-Peter Eckle and Balazs Hetenyi will give service lectures in the beginning of the school. The topics for these service lectures will be chosen after communication with the other lecturers. The other lecturers (expecting 7 lecturers) will be expected to give a basic lecture (3 hrs.), presenting background material to their main research topics, in the days following the service lectures, and a specialized lecture (3 hrs.) which details those research topics in the ending days of the school. They will also be asked to do exercise sessions. Between the basic days of the basic lectures of the lecturers and the days of the specialized lectures there will be a free day, possibly for an excursion.