Supported by: European Commission, European Molecular Biology Organization, TUBITAK (Turkey) and BMBF (Germany) 


Project 1: MetaRNAflammation
Supported by European Commission -ERC Starting Grant


Project 2: The Impact of Bioactive Lipokines on Atherosclerosis
Supported by European Commission

Collaborators:Gokhan S. Hotamisligil (Harvard School of Public Health)


Project 3: Novel Molecular and Therapeutic Targets in Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Liptoxic Endoplasmic Stress
Supported by TUBITAK (Turkey) and BMBF (Germany)
Collaborator: Christian Weber (Ludwig Maximillians Universitat)



Project 4: Novel Mechanisms in Lipotoxic Endoplasmic Stress
Supported by European Molecular Biology Organization



Project 5: Delineation of lipotoxic endoplasmic stress pathway
Collaborator: Peter Walter (University of California San Francisco, HHMI)