December 23, 2017

About the Product

What Can Agrience Achieve?

  • Agrience can do weeding for you.
  • While doing weeding, the crops will be ventilated and air will be purified.
  • We protect your crops for you.
  • Agrience does periodic detections for insect-transmitted diseases.
  • If there is any insect-transmitted disease, Agrience will provide the required treatment for your crops.

How To Use Agrience?

  • Just press the “On” button and Agrience will do the work for you.

Who Can Use Agrience?

  • Agrience can be utilized in middle sized farms.
  • Our robot can be used for low-heighted plants, such as tobacco, spinach and lettuce.

Why to Choose Agrience?

  • Agrience provides proactive solutions in order to save your crops from mass diseases.
  • Agrience is the most economical option among its competitors.

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