Konu Lab:

Research Title: Cell Signalling

Research Summary: 

Research Area 1: Applications of gene expression microarray technology for understanding of cellular signaling pathways. 

Our research focuses on determining coordinated changes in the transcriptome when cholinergic signaling is modified via RNAi or agonists like nicotine. We perform comparative expression profiling among cell lines and gene network analyses to understand functional implications of cholinergic signaling in cancer and neuronal cells. Functional analyses we conduct include validation of microarray results at the mRNA, protein and metabolic activity as well as development of in vivo validation models using zebrafish xenotransplant and transgenic animal studies.

Research Area 2: Development of methods for statistical, functional and meta analysis of microarray datasets. 

Research in the lab focuses on finding novel ways for meta-analysis of expression datasets for mRNA and microRNAs through development of web interfaces for multivariate visualization, data extraction and gene prioritization. We are also interested in comparing transcriptomes of zebrafish and mammals for deciphering conserved signaling pathways in response to anticancer drugs and other modulators of physiology

Research Keywords:  Bioinformatics, Intracellular Signalling, Cancer Metastasis.


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Email : konu@fen.bilkent.edu.tr