Faculty positions are now available for 2017!  Click the link for more information. https://stars.bilkent.edu.tr/staffapp/MBG2017

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  • October 25th 2017, 15.40: Department Seminar (SBZ-14)

    Dr. Şükrü Anıld Doğan: "Mitochondrial Stress Signaling in Oxidative Phosphorylation-Defective Mouse Models" Medical Research Council Mitochondrial Biology Unit, University of Cambridge

  • MBG 2016 Spring Colloquia



  •  We are in a search for several tenure track faculty members at assistant professor level, post doctoral fellows and  technicians. Please visit our career page for more information


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  • Application Deadlines:  

     Early: April 17th 2017

     Late: June 13th 2017 

  • Apply online at http://stars.bilkent.edu.tr/gradapp/

  • For more information about application process: http://mfbe.bilkent.edu.tr
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