Research Interests

Cholinergic signaling in breast cancer
Cholinergic Receptor Nicotinic Alpha 5 (CHRNA5) has become an important biomarker in lung cancer yet its implications in breast cancer is not well studied. We use bioinformatics as well as RNAi approaches to decipher the mRNA-miRNA network involved in breast cancer upon depletion of CHRNA5. (COST BM1406 IONCHAN-IMMUNERESPON; TUBITAK 114S367)

Mineralocorticoid signaling in breast cancer
Mineralocorticoid (MR/NR3C2) is a well known modulator of salt balance in multiple tissues including kidney and cardiovascular system. It is known with tumor suppressive activity in colon cancer. Our studies focus in deciphering the role of MR/NR3C2 driven signaling in breast cancer using in vitro and in vivo approaches (COST BM1301 ADMIRE; TUBITAK 114S226).

Drug screening in vitro cancer cell lines and in vivo zebrafish
Zebrafish has become an important model for testing anticancer activity of drugs using toxicity and xenotransplantation studies. We work towards developing new methodologies for drug testing using breast and hepatocellular cancer cell lines and novel derivatives of indolebenzimidazoles.

We are developing a computational tool for comparisons of zebrafish transcriptomes using GEO database as well as user data input. We are interested in testing the expression divergence between zebrafish paralogs under different conditions, e.g., midblastula transition, drug exposure, and development.