Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researcher

Omer Bayazeid

I hold a PhD in Pharmacognosy from Hacettepe University.

PhD Student

Şahika Cıngır Köker

I graduated from the departmant of Biology in METU. For my masters study, I was involved in a program called Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases in Radboud University Nijmegen in Netherland. As a part of my masters study, I had my final thesis work in molecular metabolic group in DKFZ, Heidelberg. Now I am contuning my phd in Konu Lab at Bilkent University.Here, I am involved in COST Project in which we are trying to reveal the Networks between mRNA and miRNA under the influence of CHRNA5.

PhD Student

Seniye Targen

I studied for a BSc Hons in the field of Human Genetics at Newcastle University, UK and completed my MSc degree in Human Molecular Genetics field, Imperial College London, UK. Currently, I am studying towards a PhD in cancer biology focusing on the role of Mineralocorticoid Receptor (MR) in breast cancer at Konu Laboratory, Bilkent University.  My project is funded by TUBITAK grant and is one of the projects participating in ADMIRE COST Action.

PhD student

Ayse Gokce Keskus

I have completed my undergraduate education at Bilkent University, Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2015. During my senior year I have joined to Konu Lab as a research trainee. I have developed protein array analysis tool on matlab. Now I am a PhD student at Konu Lab working on the comparative analysis of repeat containing proteins.

PhD Student

Murat Yaman

MSc: Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
BSc: Molecular Biology and Genetics, Istanbul Technical University
Areas of interest: Neuroscience and drug screening

MSc Student

tugberk kaya

I graduated from Bilkent MBG. I am involved in drug screening and IC50 analysis using R language as a masters student.

MSc Student

R. Said Tiryaki

I have graduated from the Bilkent University Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2016 and continuing my MSc studies in the Konu Lab where I have been working since my senior year. Currently my work generally focuses on miRNA/mRNA microarray expression analyses, miRNA-gene network generations and co-culture studies of the miRNA mimic or siRNA treated cells.

MSc Student

Fatma Betul Dincaslan

I have a Bachelors Degree in Science for MBG from Bilkent. The project I am working on recently is focused on the relationship between retinal genes and ache in zebrafish. I also take part in another project related to role of ache as a double mutant in cancer for zebrafish. My special interest is mainly on bioinformatics. Because of that, I have another role in Rna-seq and tissue-specific expression data analysis. Beside of my research interests, I am a socially developed geek, and I have an endless willing to learn more and self-improvement about almost anything makes sense on earth. I love reading, searching, questioning and making forward-learning mistakes.

MSc Student

Damla Gunes

I graduted from ITU (Istanbul Technical University) as a MBG bachelor.

MSc Student

Alperen Taciroglu

I graduated from Bilkent University, Molecular Biology and Genetics. My research focuses on mRNA and microRNA expression data analysis, especially on microarrays, deriving networks and identifying patterns between different datasets both as sources of agreements and disagreements. The way to do it is using statistical approaches to reach a novel understanding also known as meta-analysis.


Afshan Nabi

I am learning how  to design shiny application in R. We are trying to develop web application for cross specie transcriptome comparison.


Büşra Korkmaz

Stay tuned!

Previous Teammates

Post-Doc Meltem Golgeli

MSc Bircan Coban

MSc Basak Ozgursoy

PhD Huma Shehwana

PhD Ermira Jahya

Undergrad Tuna Baydin

Undergrad Musa Efe Isilak

Undergrad Ronaldo Leka

Undergrad Kardelen Genc

Undergrad Umut Cagiral


Researcher, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

PhD Candidate, Leiden University, Netherlands


Asst. Prof., National University of Medical Sciences, Pakistan


MSc Student at NTNU, Norway

MSc Student at UNAM, Bilkent