Awards & News

Our recent PhD graduate Dr. Talha Erdem has been awarded with the prestigious Newton International Fellowship for conducting postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge, UK. Dr. Erdem will work together with Dr. Erika Eiser in Cavendish Laboratory on the DNA-driven self-assembly of colloidal nanocrystals and controlling the optical features of these self-assembled superlattices in real-time.

September 2016

Newton International Fellowship

Zeliha Soran Erdem , PhD candidate in the Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, shortlisted as a finalist for best student paper award in IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC) 2015.

October 2015

IEEE Photonics

Our group member,Dr. Manoj Sharma, has been awarded with Visiting Scientist position under 2221 – Fellowship Program For Visiting Scientists And Scientists On Sabbatical Leave from The Department Of Science Fellowships & Grant Programs (BIDEB), TUBITAK, 2015.

August 2015