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Admission for Incoming Students

Application Requirements

Students have to be first nominated via the exchange coordinator of their home university in order to be accepted as an exchange student at Bilkent. Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry Administration accepts exchange students from its network of partner institutions. Incoming exchange students do not pay the Bilkent tuition. They are subject to tuition or registration fees of their home institution.

Application Procedure

After you have been accepted to the exchange program at your home university, you need to complete your online application:

Once you have been admitted to our Program, you will receive an acceptance package. It will contain – in addition to the letter of enrollment – a letter to Turkish Embassy/Consulate for visa application purposes, the Practical Handbook for International Students and Fact Sheet about Bilkent University.

After you have arrived in Bilkent, our Incoming Exchange Coordinator will help you with any questions you have related to your course of studies and the Office of International Exchange Programs will provide you with assistance or advice you may need.

Application Deadlines

Fall Seme ster 
Deadline for application is June 1st, at the latest.

Spring Semester
Deadline for application is November 15th, at the latest.
Please send your application form to us by the above deadlines. We must receive your application before the last day of the deadline.

Course Registration for Incoming Students

Course Registrations are held during Orientation, at the same time with regular Bilkent students. We use online registration system, but for exchange students it is easier to ask the Assistant Exchange Coordinator to carry out the registration or to make changes in it. After the beginning of the semester, it is still possible to make changes during the add/drop period.

Of course you can pick courses from all other faculties, but you should take the most courses in the area of chemistry studies. As some of our courses have pre-requisites, it is always good to consult the Incoming Exchange Coordinator about your course selection.
The Fall and Spring semester offerings may not be finalized at the day of your application, but the previous fall and spring semester offerings will help you to decide.

We recommend you prepare your Learning Agreements together with your advisor at your home university before your departure. Please note that you may not register to the courses that you listed on your Learning Agreement, as there may be last minute changes in the course-offering list.

Language Courses

The Turkish Teaching Unit offers Turkish Language courses (20 hours) during the Orientation Program for exchange students. The students who want to continue Turkish Language courses during the semester as credit course, can register Turkish as a Second Language I or II.

In addition, The Bilkent University offers many language courses for exchange students during the semester. There is also the possibility to take courses in other languages from the Faculty of Humanities and Letters.

You can make your language course selections from our course offerings.

Practical Issues for Incoming Students

Visa & Residence Permit

You will need a “student visa” to enter Turkey. Please make sure that you apply for the student visa at the Turkish Consulate in your country as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Make travel arrangements accordingly, so that you will allow adequate time for your visa to be processed prior to your departure.

You are required to apply for a residence permit in person within a month of your arrival.

This permit is obtained from the Ankara Emniyet Müdürlüğü (Ankara Department of Security). The Office of International Exchange Programs (OIEP) personnel will accompany you when you apply for a residence permit during orientation weeks.

Required Documents for Residence Permit;
1. Passport
2. Photocopy of the passport (ID page and Student Visa page)
3. Two copies of “Declaration for Residence Permit Form” (typewritten)
4. Four ID photos (separately)
5. Three copies of “Student Personal Information Form,” obtained from OIEP
6. Application fee: 50 US Dollars or 40 Euros
Regarding extensions of the permit, students must apply not later than 15 days after the expiration date, to Ankara Emniyet Müdürlüğü (Ankara Department of Security). Otherwise a penalty fee will be charged.



Our dormitories – consisting of 26 buildings with various designs and features, provide a peaceful, secure, comfortable, pleasant and hygienic atmosphere for more than 4,000 students from diverse backgrounds, who have chosen to take advantage of the excellence in higher education offered by Bilkent University. Our special and standard dormitories, all located on our Main and East Campuses, offer single, double, triple, quadriple and suite accommodation alternatives for our students, at varying rates.

To ensure the most convenient and comfortable dorm life for our students, all our rooms are furnished with single beds or bunk beds, desks, desk chairs, bookcases or shelves, wardrobes and wastebaskets, and have local & international direct-dial phones and TV hookups (except for Dorms 15, 77 and 78). All student rooms have UTP connections to Bilkent University’s DORM-NET network, which provides high speed (100 Mb) unlimited access to Internet for academic purposes , at no charge.

All our dorms have common areas such as self-cook kitchens/kitchenettes, TV/social lounges, study lounges, self-service laundry and ironing rooms, and game and visitors’ areas or rooms.

Central heating and 24-hour continuous hot water are standard in all our dorms, in which fully equipped, well-planned common bathrooms and restrooms are appropriately located on each resident floor.


How to get to Bilkent

Office of International Exchange Programs will provide airport pick-up services on the official arrival dates by arranging shuttle buses from Esenboga Airport to Bilkent University Campus. Please contact with the OIEP for the bus schedules. (Upon arrival at the Esenboga International Terminal in Ankara, please look for the Bilkent sign as there will be Bilkent host student waiting for you.


You can use HAVAŞ shuttle buses, which provide transportation between the city center and Esenboga airport. HAVAS shuttle buses stop at two terminals; the first stop is HAVAŞ City Terminal and then AŞTİ Terminal. Fare : 10 TRY (approx. 6 Euros)

You need to take a taxi after your arrival to the AŞTİ Terminal to get to Bilkent University. It will cost around 25 TRY (approx. 15 Euros) from AŞTİ to Bilkent University. Please be sure that you have enough amount of TRY with you as you have to pay all amounts in TRY.

Bilkent Transportation Services

Going to Ankara

The Downtown bus service is free with your Bilkent Student ID.

Route signs on buses:
TM = Tunus-Merkez (Tunus-Main Campus)
TD = Tunus-Dogu (Tunus-East Campus)
SM = Sıhhiye-Merkez (Sıhhiye-Main Campus)
SD = Sıhhiye-Dogu (Sıhhiye-East Campus)

Main Campus Bus service (Main Campus Ring)

There is a free shuttle bus service running around the campus starting from the faculty housing going through the stops with “RING” sign on them up to the dormitories about every twenty minutes.

Inter-Campus Bus Service (Main Campus – Middle Campus – East Campus Ring)
There is a free shuttle bus service between three campuses daily on regular basis (every twenty minutes).

*Most students walk to classes from the dormitories. It is easier and faster at times, and it is a pleasant way to get to know the campus.


Office of International Exchange Programs offers orientation to new international students for two weeks in early September and for one week in February prior to beginning of classes. Orientation is very helpful in understanding the academic procedures and regulations of the University. The orientation program includes Turkish Courses, a tour of the campuses and environs, sightseeing and places of interest in Ankara. Contact OIEP as soon as you arrive and find out about the orientation process.

The OIEP is located in the Registrar’s Office in the administration building near the dormitories on the Main Campus.

• International Student Orientation


Bilkent University sends ECTS transcripts to all Erasmus Exchange Students’ Home Institution at the end of the exchange semester.

If you want your ECTS transcript to be sent to your home address, you can apply Bilkent University Office of International Exchange Programs before your departure.

Check List

Your first days at Bilkent

Report to the Office of International Exchange Programs (OIEP) on arrival
Register at the Dormitory
Obtain telephone cards from the Post Office for international calls
Call home to inform them of your safe arrival
Open a bank account and pay your fees (Dorm, tuition, etc.)
Get your e-mail address from the Bilkent Computer Center (BCC) and inform the OIEP of your address
Prepare your study plan and register for courses at Registration
Get your ID from OIEP. Have your papers ready for a residence permit?
Apply for a residence permit at the police station within 4 weeks of arrival
Meet your academic advisor in your department
Register at your Embassy
Check with the Student Union about Student Clubs
Attend the Orientation Course for new international students and any personal advising session or introductory meeting organized by the OIEP or department

Before your departure

Inform Office of International Exchange Program (OIEP) of your departure date
Return all the books back to the Library
Return your Dormitory keys
Make an official notice of moving to the OIEP
Return your ID and submit the evaluation form to OIEP
Leave your correspondence address to the OIEP, if you want your official transcript to be sent to you
Check that all your fees are paid
Close your e-mail account
Close your Bank account