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Fall’20 Department Seminar Series Continue with Ahmet Uçar

Title : Towards Implantable Electrochemical Biosensors for Personalized Anti-Cancer Treatment

Date : January 12th, 2021, Tuesday

Time : 15.30


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It is well known that hypoxia, pH and key biomarkers influence a tumor’s local response to radio- and chemotherapy. Therefore monitoring of real time status of an individual tumor, by using miniaturized sensor chips, can provide very significant information regarding highly-localized and transitory changes in these variables. Proteolytic enzymes (also called

proteases) are one of these key biomarkers that play a pivotal role in several physiological and pathological processes such as inflammation and cancer. In the light of this, there is a need for the generation of selective and sensitive tools able to detect protease and pH activities in a biomedical setting. Although various methods have been developed for protease & pH sensing in recent years, electrochemical biosensors are attractive due to their rapid response times, sensitivity and applicability to miniaturization for point-of-care devices. This talk will outline the development of these electrochemical protease and pH sensors, their optimization (exploring effects such as employing spacers with different lengths, their labelling and their anchoring in the SAM structure), miniaturization, characterization and protection to enable localized in vivo measurement.