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Fall’20 Department Seminar Series Continue with Valentine P. Ananikov

Title : Catalysis by metal complexes and nanoparticles: application in organic synthesis and sustainable development. Outstanding technologies and unknown mechanisms

Date : December 22nd, 2020, Tuesday

Time : 15.30

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In recent decades, development of catalytic systems provided the major driving force for the paramount progress in the areas of pharmaceutical chemistry, access to new drugs, fine organic synthesis, chemical industry, fuels, biomass conversion, green and sustainable technologies, among many other directions. Attempts to understand the nature of the catalytic reactions revealed a very complicated mechanistic picture, the concept of which underwent several “waves” from the simple molecular catalysis to complex dynamic nanoparticle systems [1].

In the present lecture, the complexity of catalytic cycles will be discussed with the main emphasis on the problems of reaction mechanisms, which could be solved using modern powerful research methods [2].

Understanding complex reaction mechanisms in catalysis is urgently required to develop a new generation of chemical technologies with improved efficiency, selectivity and practical utility [3-5].

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