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Spring’21 Department Seminar Series Continue with Dr. Ibrahim Dursun

Title :   Engineering of Photophysical Properties in Halide Perovskite Materials for Optoelectronic Applications Speaker: Dr.  Ibrahim Dursun, Department of Electrical Engineering, Penn State University Date : May 25th, 2021, Tuesday Time : 17:30 Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/7290645404?pwd=dk8yVGJsaEhYNFJJMk9XTXR0elBWUT09 Meeting ID: 729 064 5404 Password: 723291 Abstract: Halide perovskites have attracted the […]

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Spring’21 Department Seminar Series Continue with Asst. Prof. Dr. Caner Ünlü

Dear Colleagues and Students, You are cordially invited to attend the seminar organized by the Department of Chemistry. Title : Quantum Dots and Photosynthesis Speaker: Asst. Prof. Dr. Caner Ünlü, Chemistry Department, İstanbul Technical University. Date : May 18th, 2021, Tuesday Time : 12:30 Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/7290645404?pwd=dk8yVGJsaEhYNFJJMk9XTXR0elBWUT09 Meeting ID: 729 064 5404 Password: 723291 Abstract : Semiconductor fluorescent nanocrystals, aka quantum dots, are versatile materials with unique photophysical properties such as high fluorescence quantum yield, high photostability, narrow emission band, wide absorption band, etc…