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Dr. Luuk de Boer


Luuk de Boer studied Law and History at Utrecht University, and obtained a PhD in Classics and the Interdisciplinary Humanities in 2021 from Princeton University, where, before coming to Bilkent University, he was also a postdoctoral associate. Operating with a conceptual and comparative lens, his work primarily focuses on the interaction between notions of juridicality, law, and legal institutions and (ancient) society at large. Work implementing this agenda is immediately forthcoming, and includes articles on the scales of justice, on insignia of power, and the paradox of a sovereign law. His current book project examines a figure, or form, that is argued to be a key figure for the configuration of the ancient world: the witness. This book-length reflection on the witness takes shape within a larger context of work on mediality, technique, and subjectivity, which in the future will crystallize in book projects on writing as a technique that reorients the human’s relationship to their physical body, and on conscience and the confession, explored as a form of witnessing of the self.